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Natural Nails

Natural Nails

Decsription Natural Nails  


Decsription Manicure - Decsription Manicure - Decsription Manicure - Decsription Manicure - Decsription Manicure - Decsription Manicure 

  • Full-Set: $50
  • Fill-In's: $40
  • Pink Fill-In's: $35
  • Classic Manicure: $15

    Manicure includes nails trim, shape, buff, cuticle grooming, warm lotion massage, hot towel and then is finish with polish

  • Deluxe Manicure: $25

    Includes a Basic Manicure, follow by a sea salt treatment, a neck massage, a sugar scrub and then moisturizing with a rich emollient lotion

  • No-Chip: $35

    Basic Manicure with a finish touch of a unique hybrid of gel, and traditional lacquer applied on natural nails to provide a flawless look. It dries instantly and stays on for up to two weeks

  • Deluxe No-Chip: $45

    In addition to the Basic No-Chip manicure, this consists of a neck, and shoulder massage

  • Gel Nails with No-Chip Full sets: $50
  • Toes Wax: $7
  • Combo Classic manicure and Classic Pediure: $40


Decsription Pedicure - Decsription Pedicure - Decsription Pedicure - Decsription Pedicure - Decsription Pedicure - Decsription Pedicure 

  • Classic Pedicure: $27

    This treatment includes cuticle and callus softening, a thorough nail grooming, and relax massage follow by hot stones, warm towels and a color polish of your choice

  • Candle light Pedicure: $40

    Tips 2 Toes Nails has introduced Candle Therapy to soothe rough skin. In this pedicure treatment, special made candles are melted and used as cream to intensely moisturize the skin. Seasalt scrub is then used to get rid of dead skin cells.  Try out this special treatment to see if it lives up to its hype

  • Deluxe Pedicure: $37

    Includes a Classic Pedicure. Alleviate your stress with a lavender scrub and mask. (Mild callous remove)


  • Milk & Honey Pedicure: $57

    This pedicur‚Äče has all the dry spots on your heels ans soles to give your hardworking feet a complete make over. your feet will look, feel and smell heavenly. Includes the Classic pedicure and Paraffin wax

  • Citrus Pedicure: $47

    Your feets are pampered in a bath of freshly sliced oranges, invigorating both your senses and your skin, a perfect exfoliation that will leave your skin glowing, soft and smooth. Includes the Classic Pedicure.

  • Cappuccino Pedicure: $47

    This wonderful pedicure will stimulate your senses, leaving you feeling revived and delighted with a texture of your skin. Includes the Classic Pedicure

  • Green Tea Pedicure: $47

    The aroma of this footsbath will open your sinuses and clear your head for total papering.  The green tea souffle mask is full of antioxidants that will leave your skin feeling soft and supple. Include the Classic Pedicure

  • Cucumber Pedicure: $57

    So relax with a cool cucumber slough and isie soak that soften rough area at the heels and balls of your feet. Scrub, mud mask, paraffin wrap with hot stone massage. Include the Classic Pedicure

  • Pineapple Lavender Pedicure: $57

    The powerful anti-oxidants in the pineapple give the skin on your feet a much needed boost while they rejuvenate and soften the mud wrap will detoxify and stimulate the circulation, paraffin wax followed by a relaxation massage will help ease stress through your entire body. Includes Classic Pedicure.

Kid's Services (under 10 years old)

Papaya and Guava Treatment
  • Manicure & Pedicure: $32
  • Pedicure: $22
  • Manicure: $13
  • Polish change Toes + Fingers: $12
  • Polish change (Feet): $6
  • Polish change (Hand): $6
  • Feet Design: $5 and Up
  • Hand Design: $5 and Up

Natural Nails

  • Manicure
  • Pedicure
  • Kid's Services (under 10 years old)
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